My favorite songs by me

by Ira Lee

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Twisting rap music inside out with his bizarre and sorrowful storytelling, Montreal based experimental musician and artist Ira Lee further confounds his ambiguous legacy as the quintessential weirdo-rap-anti-hero. “My Favorite Songs By Me” is the definitive collection of the influential, but virtually unknown
Canadian hip hop troubadours new, electro-lized, and previously unreleased material. Examining a diverse, yet cohesive multitude of influences, Lee’s brilliant conceptualism is second only to the visceral emotion of his constantly shape shifting delivery and incise observational satire. Whether tearing through the transparent and degenerative fabric of societal morality in the ground-breaking, reggae inspired “She’s Only Twelve Years Old”, or conjuring the playful innocence of naive teenage sensibilities in the feel good, “All the Places We Did It” and the hopeful personal anthem, “Keep on Trying”. With a unique point of view that fuses absurd humour, social commentary and raw passion with a selfish, almost childish enthusiasm for the use of concept and characters. Always grappling the most heartbreaking and taboo subjects with a provocative wit and creative twist. His mother`s battle with cancer, (“I Love My Mom”) a hereditary disposition to pathological lying, ( “Ballad of a Liar”), the up tempo, dirty electro grind of the “Donna Jones (Remix)” or even the frenzied punk rock ode to straight edge lifestyle “Mike Brown”. With exciting and accomplished guest production by Scott Da Ros (Endemik Music - Qc), Mattr (Berne, Switzerland), Funken (Paris, France), Ryan Stinson, petit BIG, Critical Mass, and ira lee. And vocal contributions from rap partner Khyro and fiancee Linakim.
“My Favorite Songs By Me” is one of the most interesting breakthrough records of the year. If the blog buzz building is any indication of how huge this album is going to be, steal this record, now.


released October 20, 2010



all rights reserved


Ira Lee Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: a man is nothing (produced by mattr)
I smell like whisky and i miss going shopping with you.

Takes me three quarters of an hour to buy yesterday's paper from the Chinese boy across the street

Can't shake this sinus infection, my backs been hurting so bad, it wakes me up in the middle of the night. i don't like sad music, but i sure wish i could be your boyfriend tonight.

Alone is missing my girl.

I’m getting balder. And older. Because it’s colder.

Tonight in the world.

I miss my girl

A man is nothing.

A man is absolutely nothing, without a woman.

Without his woman.

By his side.

So i'm not a man now. I'm nothing.

I only mean something, cause i am.

And I have nothing to hide.

Sometimes I forget.

to wipe the scars off the scabs.

Sometimes I forget.

I only need to boil enough spaghetti for one.

There's no one to impress, when I twist the lids off all the jars.

I forget we’re both super.

Track Name: all the places we did it (feat. linakim)
All the places we did it
Written by ira lee
Performed by ira lee and Linakim

On a dog, in the rain, in a car, on a car, in the can, in a van, at the Sushi bar.

In the morning, in the evening, in the early afternoon,
After class, in the grass, Johnny Cash and June.

In the park, in a cab, in the dark at your dad's,
in the office at your grandma's where you lost your maxi pads.

We're so cool, in the pool, in an alley in the woods.
in a hotel, or a motel, or a chateau in the hood.

Hugs and kisses, and hearts and x's, and o's, and i miss you so's.
Hugs and kisses, and hearts and x's, and o's, and pink rainbows.

That one time on the metro we forgot to get off.
Strawberries, and whip cream, and chocolate Hershey’s sauce.

In our bed, and the kitchen, and the bathroom, in the dirt.
When your best - est friends forever it’s alright to fart and burp.

In a hurry, in a rush, just a quickie, just enough,
Drawing pictures of things, and taking Polaroids of stuff.

From behind, and beside, and on top and underneath,
In and out, and back and forth, and a slap on both the cheeks.

Hugs and kisses, and hearts and x's, and o's, and i miss you so's
Hugs and kisses, and hearts and x's, and o's, and pink rainbows
Hugs and kisses, and hearts and x's, and o's, and i miss you so's
Hugs and kisses, and hearts and x's, and o's, and pink rainbows

C’mon every body, say..

Hugs and kisses, and hearts and x's, and o's, and i miss you so's
Hugs and kisses, and hearts and x's, and o's, and pink rainbows
Hugs and kisses, and hearts and x's, and o's, and i miss you so's
Hugs and kisses, and hearts and x's, and o's, and pink rainbows
Track Name: montreal (feat.Khyro)
In mont - real.
It’s fifty cents to call.
Where canada started after all.

The boys are ugly, and the girls are all cute.
Your Halloween costume has to fit over a snowsuit

No disrespect, but the last time I checked
Montreal’s not in Canada, it’s in Quebec

Cheeseburger de cheval
my franglais mal,
But here I am, all the sudden, somehow

Western Canada’s completely out of focus
The waitress at chez cora’s trying to treat me like I’m homeless.

In montreal.
There’s a great divide.
Between francophones and everyone else, on the other side.

You get a kiss on the cheek from every porn star in the street
Like you’re at a habs games, in an alouettes jersey, cheering for the nordiques

It’s okay to marry your second cousin
In the province with three seasons, winter, still winter, and construction.

Plus 6 in January.
minus ten in july
I’m not really living in Quebec, I’m just an alien, trying to get by

Bought a celine dion cassette, because the winter’s get frette
Real men are lumberjacks, not tapons, or tapettes!

Nobody’s polite,
But there’s a festival every night
Convenience stores sell beer
And no Saskatchewan in sight!

If you’re weird out here, it’s called distinguished
When your dad stops in the middle of a joke, to explain it to me in English.

Speed limits are arbitrary and
Stop signs are suggestions

The only problem with Quebec is, all the frenchmen

You get your milk in a bag, and maple syrup from a tree
In mont - real a crepe is everything you ever imagined a pancake could be.

Drinking is the law, and driving is to win,
If you think you better than Canadians, you’re going to fit in right in

Ya can’t front on quebec!
Ottawa hasn’t build a fence around it yet

If you ever been here you know,
Driving is better in the winter cause the potholes are filled with snow.

All the cab driver’s, are of African Descent, and they’ll drive you around the long way, the wrong way, just to pay the rent

Beer is a religion, poutine’s a way of life
Anal sex doesn’t count, if it’s your brother in law’s wife.

I know one thing for sure,
Quebec is the wrong place to speak English and be poor.
Track Name: she's only twelve years old (feat. petitBig)
I can’t tell / if your twelve years old, / but it scares me to think, / your still a teen, / when I watch you eat that ice cream.

It’s hard to say /----- but i want you really bad / cause this feeling is ill- egal and I’m old enough to be your dad, /

I can’t tell, if you’re sixteen yet, but you look twenty two, the way you smoke that cigarette.

if you love me, / and ---- I love you, / then we’re meant to be together, / and there’s nothing, any bo - dy else can------ ever do,

You might not know / when I give you a hug. But on your next birthday we’ll be old enough to act on our love.

It feels so right, how can it be wrong? Don’t turn me in, or turn me out, because you turn me on.

If we weren’t related, we could go to the circus, and you could reach into my pockets for some change, where daddy’s purse is.

hard as hell,-------- it's hard to tell, .... if you're still in your teens

the moment I met you, I knew I’d finally found the girl of my dreams,

You’re always going to want what you can’t have.

pedophiles, are our sun’s, and brothers, and dad’s.

If there’s hair on the muff, she’s old enough to do stuff.

officer, she looks eighteen and I rap European, all I did was tape her peeing

mom’s going shopping, to--- day…..

I’ll be your baby sitter,

There’s lots of games we can play.

Like Jailbait for dinner.

Took a picture in the bathroom mirror and spoiled it.

want to look sexy next time sweetheart, remember to flush the toilet

If the peach has fuzz, you know what the dolphin nose does

Too young….. is only a name in china, because.

You have to promise me one thing, that you’ll never tell

This has to be our little secret………………. or you’re going to hell,